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  • Story Viewing
    • Story viewing is the most non-invasive way to interact. Show your current audience how much you care by using this incredible feature.
    • In addition to that, we take it to the next level and view thousands of stories outside of your current following. Using this method, you’ll be attracting an entirely new audience and remember, you can never view too many stories! Learn more
  • Hashtag Research
    • Hashtags are the yellow pages of Instagram, making them one of the best ways of discovering new content.
    • By analyzing what makes you stand out on Instagram, we come up with the perfect set of hashtags that will give your every post a chance to go viral.
    • We constantly monitor how your hashtags are performing in order to get your profile featured in the top posts section. Learn more
  • Targeted Engagement
    • Everyone has an audience and we’re going to help you find yours.
    • Whether you’re looking for followers from a specific location, or people that fit a certain demographic group, our powerful targeting software allows us to craft the perfect audience for your Instagram profile.
    • By simply selecting similar accounts, locations and hashtags we can start interacting with your audience today! Learn more
  • Interactions
    • Consistent engagement is key to growing any business, brand, or personal profile. Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of fingers staying active on your IG?
    • Well, we make sure to increase your activity by following targeted users and liking their posts. People appreciate active profiles, and have a natural urge to re-engage back with them. We create bonds, not bots. Learn more
  • Advanced Analytics
    • We analyze your Instagram Insights to provide you with weekly analytics on your follower’s activities, average engagement rate per post and much more!
    • This data makes it easier for you to compare how your individual posts are performing and develop the perfect strategy to organically grow your profile while creating engaging quality content for your audience. Learn more
  • Dedicated Account Manager
    • Having a dedicated Instagram account manager is a privilege not a lot of businesses can claim to have these days. Think of your account manager as your go-to contact for all things Flock related.
    • For our Enterprise clients, they will be coordinating our team of photo editors and copywriters to execute your social media strategy. They are specialized in creating effective growth plans, specifically suited for your individual brand, while organically promoting your profile. Learn more
  • Post Scheduling
    • It’s not just about what you’re posting, it’s also about when and how often you post it. Staying consistent and providing your audience with relevant and high quality content is the best way to improve engagement and keep your followers coming back for more.
    • Simply provide us with your content and your account manager will make sure it’s prepped and posted at just the right time. Learn more
  • Multiple Social Media
    • Expand your social media reach like never before. Whether you’re sharing your latest news on Facebook and Twitter, or creating content for LinkedIn and Youtube, our team’s got your back!
    • Coordinate your global social media posting campaigns with your Account Manager for maximum impact.
    • Contact us and learn how Flock Social can fit your online business strategy. Learn more
  • Copywriting
    • Telling a story on IG can sometimes be a challenge. Caption writing is a very important part of a story and that’s why our copywriters are dedicated to tell yours.
    • We can tailor our writing to your needs, ranging from one sentence captions to a mini blog post!
    • They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we want to help you write them all down. Learn more
  • Strategy Consulting
    • Every IG profile is unique, which means everyone needs a customized strategy tailored specifically for their brand.
    • Our account managers specialize in bringing your vision to life through planning and exceptional content delivery, always getting you one step closer to your next perfect follower.
    • You’d be in constant contact with your account manager, guiding them through your ideas and wishes for your brand’s future. Together, you will create the perfect plan that will set your profile up for success. Learn more
  • Photo Editing
    • Like photography, editing is a form of art on its own. It is our goal to present your image through the content you produce in the best way possible. That’s why our team of editors offer versatile forms of editing that will suit every individual style or aesthetic! Learn more
  • Flock Loops
    • Instagram culture is growing at the speed of light and IG influencers are growing just as fast with it. With all that growth, huge influencers are experiencing a constant decrease in engagement. The more followers they have, the less people seem to care. When a certain number of followers is crossed, they start losing that personal touch and their audience becomes not that well targeted.
    • Nano-influencers, on the other hand, who range between 1k and 10k followers, maintain loyal and highly engaged groups of people, that have a genuine interest in their niche. Remember, a shoutout is only as good as the engagement it gets, not the number of followers the Influencer has. Learn more
Organic Growth

Get real and targeted Followers for your profile

Organic stands for real. Forming a healthy online community is an extremely valuable part of every profile’s growth strategy, which is why we avoid working with inactive users, ghost profiles or fake accounts.

Simply put, no fake followers. We want to introduce your content and brand to as many interested groups of people as possible. We live in a time where online friendships almost never last, but it is our goal to create the ones that will.

Greater Reach

More followers means more engagement

Did you ever take a look at one of those insanely successful IG accounts and wonder: How did they get there? Well, it’s quite simple, or so say our clients. Whether you’re a newbie entrepreneur, a more established corporation, or just a regular person, we are here to create a greater awareness for your brand, business or your overall image.

Get the social proof you’re looking for by spreading your vision to people who suit you best. And remember, every new follower is not just a potential customer, but also your link to even greater growth.


Start earning from your audience

Active and targeted Followers that have a chance of converting into customers, that’s what it’s all about. Any traffic is good traffic if you know what to do with it!

When that connection is created we need to make sure that we are providing your audience with regular and relevant content updates that will get your followers coming back for more, and eventually converting in a sale!

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  • Engagement rate: 9%
  • Number of likes: 7.5k
  • Number of comments: 880
Follower performance
  • 30 days ago: 82.8k
  • Current number: 90.3k
  • Total growth: +7.5k
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  • Engagement rate: 12%
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  • 30 days ago: 15.3k
  • Current number: 20.5k
  • Total growth: +5.2k
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  • Engagement rate: 11%
  • Number of likes: 2.1k
  • Number of comments: 17
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  • 30 days ago: 14k
  • Current number: 19.7k
  • Total growth: +5.7k