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Industry Background

We had a very clear understanding of what the company wanted to accomplish on Instagram, so we came up with a custom strategy in order to share their story, target the right audience and try to inspire the community. Besides that, their goal was to get more exposure on Instagram, as well as, use the platform for sharing their incredible products.

When people think about skincare, they usually don't associate the term with a very professional and innovative team of experts. But to @drbrendt, skincare is not just about the look, it's not about having perfect skin, it's about making men and women feel beautiful in their own bodies. That's why we were so excited to work with a brand that is so open to diversity, change and improvement. As multiple outsources said themselves, a visionary in the world of cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Fredric Brandt was light years ahead of his peers and surroundings.

In 4 months from 160k followers to


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Our strategy

In late October of 2018. @drbrandt started working with Flock. Naturally, they wanted to take advantage of the various features the we offer, making any online growth fast and easy. One of the features they were quite eager to use was our targeting software and the overall engagement method. Once we’ve located their niche, engagement came along pretty smoothly.

  • We were fast to target people who have an interest in skincare, cosmetics and makeup.
  • We did our best to form a community that will continue to share the brands products, which had led to a great number of people being influenced by their IG page.
  • All the profiles we’ve attracted to @drbrandt’s page were consistently active, making the like, comment and follow ratio perfectly balanced out.
  • We focus on the locations these accounts are coming from in order to stabilize their networking.
The outcome

Dr. Brendt is a massive brand who have their own team of experts, loyal customers and leaders. And even though they are an already established company, our services were able to expand the brand even more. Feel free to take a look how.

A word from the dr.brandt

"The evolution of dr. brandt® skincare continues to stretch beyond the scope of imagination."

As they have said it themselves, their story began with research, passion and of course, one incredible idea that we were more than happy to share all over Instagram.

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Our Community

Image performance
  • Engagement rate: 9%
  • Number of likes: 7.5k
  • Number of comments: 880
Follower performance
  • 30 days ago: 82.8k
  • Current number: 90.3k
  • Total growth: +7.5k
Image performance
  • Engagement rate: 12%
  • Number of likes: 2.3k
  • Number of comments: 34
Follower performance
  • 30 days ago: 15.2k
  • Current number: 19.7k
  • Total growth: +4.5k
Image performance
  • Engagement rate: 19%
  • Number of likes: 3.8k
  • Number of comments: 37
Follower performance
  • 30 days ago: 15.3k
  • Current number: 20.5k
  • Total growth: +5.2k
Image performance
  • Engagement rate: 11%
  • Number of likes: 2.1k
  • Number of comments: 17
Follower performance
  • 30 days ago: 14k
  • Current number: 19.7k
  • Total growth: +5.7k